Goddess Guinevere True Love Dream Reiki Attunement


Find true love, soul mate, romance


This attunement consists of two very powerful systems-the Reiki Attunement System and the Dream Reiki Programming System. You may use one or both; either way, you will receive powerful results.

 I have felt a very deep and very strong connection to Goddess Guinevere for quite awhile now, so much so that I had to channel this very beautiful and powerful system. I have programmed her into my dreams  and meditated with her many times.

Goddess Guinevere  is a powerful Celtic triple  Goddess of love. She was the wife of King Arthur; and without her, legend says that he would have been very weak. The feeling I get is that she gave him strength and power, because she had a lot of strength and power.

We can call upon her to help us find true love, our soul mate, romance, and beautiful relationships. If we desire and we ask, she can guide us in becoming irrisistible to men; however, what is even more important is that she can guide us into the arms of our soul mate.


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