SALE – 30 Minute Dream Coaching Session To Bring In The One Or To Improve Relationship



BIG SALE – 30 Minute Dream Coaching Session for $80 (regularly $100) until Wednesday 2/26/19.



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It is my strongest belief that we have more then one THE ONE, better known as your soul mate. Through your dreams, you can meet and connect with your soul mate, your dream lover, the love of your life = THE ONE.  If one soul mate relationship does not work out, we can dream HIM/HER into existence. 

In a 30 minute Goddess Dream Coaching Session, I will begin with a mini psychic reading on your love life to see what blockages are preventing you from calling in THE ONE. Perhaps you have met someone who you think is THE ONE.   I will  coach you through a specific dream in guiding and helping  you receive the insight you need for figuring out the messages in your dream.  YOU will interpret your dreams, not me.



  1. Learn how to program your dreams for receiving guidance, healing,  creating a soul mate (THE ONE),  improving relationships. If time allowed,  for prosperity, success, increasing your psychic abilities, lucid dreaming and so much more.
  2. Learn how to remember your dreams.
  3. Learn about your dream guides + learn how to program your dreams with the Archangels, Mythical Gods & Goddess, Ascended Masters, etc.
  4. Learn how to remember your dreams.
  5. Learn about dream partnernships
  6. Learn about setting up your dream alter with dream crystals, dream box, etc.
  7. Learn about lucid dreaming
  8. Learn how to create a dream shield

And so much more….

 I am clairvoyant,  clairsentient & automatic writing (through my third eye) + I channel through 40 different oracle card decks- your choice – Denise Linn’s Gateway Dreaming Deck (for your dreams), Fairies, Soul Coaching Oracle Cards, Archangel Michael, Archangels and more.




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