Dream Goddess Coaching



Hi I am Linda Kaye, The Dream Goddess. I am a Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner through Denise Linn. My purpose and goal as your Dream Goddess Dream Coach is to draw out the dreamer in you, so that you yourself can create the life you have always wanted through your night dreams while you sleep. I have been shown many ways to work on my inner self, and programming my dreams while I am sleeping is by far the most effective way of healing and transforming.

I am here to work with you in understanding and interpreting your dreams. In a private dream coaching call with me, I will work with you taking you on a powerful journey through your dreams, so that you can go within to “see” and “feel” the energy of your dream for greater insight. I do not read your dreams psychically. YOU DO, and I will teach you how.  In time, your intuition could even be enhanced. We can program our dreams for a soul mate relationship or for guidance in your present relationship, financial matters, career, inner child work, and so much more.

Learn to program your dreams by calling on the Mythical Gods and Goddesses, Archangels, Ascended Masters, your Higher Self (your inner God) etc. into your dreams. The messages and healing that we receive from them are very powerful. Each one has their own healing modalities. You will also learn about crystals, dream alters, dream gazing, dream partnerships, working with oracle cards in programming your dreams and so much more.

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