About Linda “The Dream Goddess”





Linda Kaye, AKA The Dream Goddess,  instinctively knew from the moment she heard about the Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner Course in August, 2016,  that this course would add a powerful dimension to her healings. Her heart and her intuition told her yes; and now her Dream Goddess Coaching Sessions have proven to be a powerful healing purpose and tool for healing her own life and for healing the lives of her clients. She coaches you through your dreams, so that you can experience the powerful ah ha moments from the inner knowing of what your dreams are trying to tell you.  She is a powerful lucid dreamer who dreams just about every night, and she remembers 97% of her dreams. She  journals her dreams the moment she awakens.  and then she blogs them for everyone to see. She can work with you in remembering your dreams. 

Here are the powerful benefits of  Dream Goddess Coaching

  1. Remembering your dreams
  2. Progamming your dreams for guidance in shifting and changing your life.
  3.  Discovering your dream guides –  Archangels, Mythical Gods and Goddess and Ascended Masters, etc.
  4. Finding, feeling and connecting with your dream shield.
  5. Setting up your dream alter
  6. Working with healing crystals
  7. Dream Meditations
  8. Forming dream partnerships to increase the power of your dreams
  9. Lucid Dreaming
  10. Dream Meditations
  11. And So Much More…

Your life will never be the same.

Linda Kaye, The Dream Goddess, has always known her purpose on this planet as a seer and a healer. As a professional psychic medium, clairvoyant and clairsentient since 1985, a Usui Reiki Master since 2008 and most recently a Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner through Denise Linn. As a professional psychic medium, Linda has been guiding her clients through the wild and windy sometimes bumpy road of life and love. She knows within the very depths of her soul that she is meant to be here on this planet to help her clients to see what she sees and to feel what she feels. She is here to guide her clients back to peace and healing. She showers her clients with her gentle and soothing energy, and many times her spiritual “kisses” act as a catalyst in healing her clients emotional bumps and bruises along the way. As a psychic, she specializes in love, sex and romance, and she can read your lover or ex lover’s feelings for you and your future together from just a name alone. She is also a Certified Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader through Denise Linn, and her Oracle Card Readings adds depth to her readings. She now uses 25 different Oracle Card Decks for you to choose from.








Linda strongly recommends Denise Linn’s book HIDDEN POWER OF DREAMS.